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Giuseppe Selvaggi

Giuseppe Selvaggi - Pietra Barrasso and Modern Collecting

In modern painting, marked by the generations that closed the twentieth century and open, in the bloom of youth, the twenty-first century, Pietra Barrasso is among the few who have breathed in rhythm with the new and future times. She arrived at painting with active conviction almost since childhood, but of course schools and life have been useful for reaching a technical perfection such as to allow her to be both absolutely figurative and, when she wants, to be part of the most revolutionary avant-gardes.

Her decision - which was courageous when she set out but is now in line with the orientation of the art world and the relative collecting market – was to arrive at a fusion of painting, always within the magical sphere of poetic feeing and reality, of figurative tradition and the futuristic adventure of the avant-gardes. In each of her canvases with a figurative structure, in fact, it is possible to isolate a detail with the eye, and find oneself on that informal journey that is abstraction in art.

Of all her generation, Pietra Barrasso is among the few Italians who have experienced a relationship – through her journeys and such shows as those in Boston and the “Dante” associations throughout the United States – with international art situations.

“Barrassian” landscape painting  has veins, heartbeats, sighs, and screams in syntony with humanity. As a part of this unity, Barrassa is an artist of great modernity.

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